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axe colours HK

Oriol is born in Barcelona and based in Hong Kong since 2016.

He has worked more than 10 years as architect and artist over the world, previously working at well known architecture firm Foster+Partners.

Travelled over 30 countries and lived in 5 different cities including Barcelona, Istanbul, Shanghai, London and Hong Kong.

Adria is born in Barcelona.

He has worked as an artist for more than 12 years and exhibited his artworks in art galleries throughout Europe including Spain, France, UK and Netherlands.


Standard Chartered, Hong Kong, China & Singapore

HSBC, Hong Kong

Drainage Services Department, Hong Kong

Science Park InnoCell, Hong Kong

Mercedes Benz, Hong Kong

La Liga, Hong Kong

FC Barcelona, Spain

Adidas, Spain

Salewa, Spain

Specsavers, Hong Kong

Fissler, Hong Kong

Outward Bound, Hong Kong

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